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From the U. of Penn alumni magazine: ‘Not the Alumni Notes’
McSweeney’s letter to the editor, 2/3 of the way down: ‘Popcorn’

From the U. of Penn alumni magazine (look to the right): ‘Victory ’92’
A piece on the summer I spent living in a car and working at Great Adventure appears in the book of NJ writers’ memoirs: Living on the Edge of the World

Short story, the database, appeared in This is Chick Lit

From What it’s like to be a chick-lit writer

New York Times Op-Ed Page: ‘The Skyline as Headline’

From the Hoboken Reporter: ‘Coatless, shivering, bar-hopping women’
From the Hoboken Reporter: Being homeless in the train terminal
New York Times story on old-fashioned car-hops that still exist in New Jersey (well, before Sonic arrived)
Carrie Pilby Harlequin Teen edition
2010 Harlequin Teen edition
Carrie Pilby (original)
2003 American edition
Carrie Pilby (original)
2003 Australian edition
Carrie Pilby (original)
Starting From Square Two (2004)
Carrie Pilby (original)
Scenes From A Holiday (2005)

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