Caren Lissner
CarenCaren Lissner is an editor for a community newspaper chain in North Jersey, directly across the river from midtown Manhattan. She grew up in Freehold and Old Bridge, N.J., then majored in English at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Her essays have appeared in the New York Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, and Weatherwise Magazine. Her offbeat first novel, CARRIE PILBY, was published in June of 2003 and republished by Harlequin Teen in July, 2010. Lissner’s follow-up novel, STARTING FROM SQUARE TWO, was released in March, 2004. She is presently working on a third novel and screenplay.

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Carrie Pilby Harlequin Teen edition
2010 Harlequin Teen edition
Carrie Pilby (original)
2003 American edition
Carrie Pilby (original)
2003 Australian edition
Carrie Pilby (original)
Starting From Square Two (2004)
Carrie Pilby (original)
Scenes From A Holiday (2005)

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