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Caren Lissner’s humorous coming-of-age novel, Carrie Pilby (available now on Amazon), was just made into a film starring Bel Powley and Nathan Lane, directed by Susan Johnson. You can catch it on Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, or on demand with many cable providers. Read about the adaptation process here and about how it got Kickstarted here. She also wrote a second novel, Starting from Square Two.

Since college, Caren has worked as a newspaper editor and reporter in northern New Jersey, covering gritty (and sometimes wacky) political stories and features.  She has also published serious articles in the New York Times, Atlantic CityLab, and Washington Post. She’s published satire in the Times, McSweeney’s, National Lampoon, the Rumpus' “Funny Women” section, Harper's, the Philadelphia Inquirer, the University of Pennsylvania alumni magazine, and in other fine outlets. See the links around the site.   

Caren grew up in Freehold and Old Bridge, New Jersey, where the history and suburban mysteries inspired her to dream up stories. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania during the roaring 1990s and moved to northern New Jersey. She co-hosted “Tuesday Night Trivia” in Manhattan for five years.   

She’s presently finishing up a new novel, as well as a nerdy memoir. So go ahead, say hello! …   

Contact her at  or use the handy form at the bottom of this page.    

The author photo at left was taken by the gifted Rob Tannenbaum

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